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Mobile commerce in printed media

Helena Törnell, Marknadschef, Payair - 5 Feb-13
Helena Törnell, cmo at Payair, explains how qr codes open up opportunities for mobile commerce in printed media.
Mobile commerce has in recent years started to break through on all fronts and mobile commerce has quickly taken over as the new wallet. Mobile commerce also opens a new method of doing business. The latter goes under the name of p-commerce and means that the consumer, with the help of a mobile phone, buys goods and services directly from physical adverts and advertising flyers without needing to enter an actual shop or web shop. Print commerce is very simple.

Until now, the mobile revolution within commerce has mostly been about mobile commerce in net shops and physical shops. The advantages here are that the commerce process is simpler and more flexible and that you therefore often end up with more satisfied customers who also buy more than traditional customers.

Multiple purchases implemented
For online retailers the big gain with mobile commerce is that the customer only needs to register his details including delivery address once, i.e. when the app for mobile commerce is downloaded. Afterwards it's simply a matter of pressing the button for mobile commerce and typing in the pin code.

Håkan Eriksson, ceo of the Swedish company Payair which works with qr codes and mobile wallets.

- Many visitors to webshops do not complete the last stage of the purchase process as they feel that it is complicated and too time-consuming. But a mobile commerce solution carries out multiple purchases and customers experience simplicity and quickness in the buying process, says Håkan Eriksson, ceo of Payair, a Swedish company in the field of mobile commerce.

Another advantage of mobile commerce is that it gives merchants access to smart marketing opportunities they didn't have previously, and digital receipts. But what is hottest just now is that mobile commerce also opens up completely new ways of doing business, and the latest is mobile commerce via print, i.e. printed media.

A new way of doing business
It works through placing qr codes next to products or offers in printed adverts, brochures or advertising boards. For the customer it's then just a matter of scanning the qr code into the telephone and approving the purchase with the pin code in the mobile app.

- In this way e-commerce is introduced to the world of print; we’re creating a new phenomenon, p-commerce. This is a completely new way of doing business for both e-commerce and physical commerce, says Håkan Eriksson.

Scan the qr code with your smartphone.

One example of this type of commerce is the e-commerce site Skincity, which offers professional skin care and make-up that cares for the skin. At the start of December of last year, Skincity launched a campaign whose purpose was to distribute a printed insert from Skincity with Aftonbladet's monthly magazine Hannah & Amanda. The insert contained a number of offers and there was a qr code on each advertisement. All the customer needed to do was first download a mobile app, connect a payment card to it, and scan the qr code thus buying the product in question.

Fishing license on mobile
Another example of p-commerce is the Komsta-Åse Fishery Conservation Area in western Medelpad which has started selling fishing licenses with the help of mobiles. It is now possible for Komsta-Åse Fishery Conservation Area to insert qr codes into adverts, brochures, websites and even on illustrations and posters of the actual lakes. For fishermen it's then just a matter of scanning the qr code with their mobile telephone and paying for the fishing license.

You can buy the fishing license by scanning the qr code.

For online retailers, and also physical merchants, mobile commerce is opening up completely new commerce streams.

- I am convinced that more and more commerce will switch to mobile units and quickly as well. P-commerce is a new way of reducing the distance to the buy button which will hasten developments even more, says Håkan Eriksson.

Simple to get started
For an online retailer it's easy to get started with mobile commerce. Mobile commerce will then open the door to p-commerce and a whole new way of doing business.

- It's just a matter of contacting us so we can arrange the technical solution and check those agreements required for mobile payment are in place. The web shop can then offer its customers both m-commerce and p-commerce, says Håkan Eriksson.

Helena Törnell

Marknadschef, Payair

Marknadschef på Payair - mobil handel

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