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Emota launches European trustmark for e-commerce

Stefan Pettersson, Tid. Business Developer - 17 Mar-14
With a European trustmark, Emota hopes to lower barriers for cross-border e-commerce and build consumer confidence.
Emota, the European multi-channel and online trade association representing more than 80 percent of European e-commerce, recently presented its European trustmark for e-commerce. The Emota European trustmark for e-commerce establishes harmonized certification criteria for all national trustmarks throughout Europe. It will enhance consumer trust in online shopping across borders, increase online cross-border turnover for European web merchants and help overcome the language barriers of national trustmarks.

"The use of a trustmark is particularly important for sme:s, as their own brand is often not well known. The aim of our European trustmark is to assure consumers all over Europe that the e-shop bearing it has been validated by an Emota accredited trustmark provider and found to be safe" said Walter Devenuto, the President of Emota.

There are still barriers to cross-border e-commerce that need to be overcome, both on the consumer side and on the side of e-retailers. These barriers can be of operational or legal nature, or simply result from a lack of trust. Together with the accredited national trustmark, the Emota trustmark will help get over consumers' trust-related resistance when it comes to online shopping.

A vast majority of them actually look for trust labels on retailers' websites and consider them as meaningful.

"We have agreed on a strict set of accreditation criteria which will guarantee that consumers get excellent service when buying from a retailer participating in our scheme" said Susanne Czech, Secretary General of Emota. Compliance with our criteria will be monitored and traders not acting in conformity with the codes of conduct of our accredited trustmarks will lose the benefit of displaying our European label on their websites.

About Emota
The primary objective of Emota, the European multi-channel and online trade association, is to represent at European and international level distance sellers of goods and services both on- and offline. Established more than three decades ago, Emota engages with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and all other stakeholders based on its insightful knowledge of market realities, with the aim of promoting the sector, accompanying its phenomenal growth, facilitating distance selling in Europe through all its channels of distribution, encouraging the secure and competitive delivery of products and services to European consumers and increasing consumer confidence and trust in e-business activities.


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