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  • Right-hand side / Most economical, size w200 x h360 pixels, price 2,500 SEK, flexible start, max 100 kb
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  • Impossible to miss / Top - contact us
Ad format: jpg, png, gif or flash. Flash requires clicktag. No sound is permitted in ads. Prices are quoted per week.

The number of visitors and page views for the whole of is measured by SIS-Index and published on this link. The actual number of banner views will be lower than in the statistics because all banners are not displayed on all pages.

Ad format for Nordic newsletter (Wednesdays, break in July and during Christmas holidays)
  • Top / Best place, size w750 x h100 pixels, price 2,500 SEK, max 100 kb
  • News feed / Most economical, size w400 x h120 pixels, price 2,000 SEK, max 100 kb
Ad format: jpg, png or gif.

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